International Business Etiquette Certification

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Contemporary Practices of the Most Prestigious Global Corporations Around the Globe

Whether you are an independent consultant or an in-house corporate trainer, you will benefit from the International Etiquette & Protocol Academy’s International Business Etiquette training and certification programme. It is based on contemporary practices of the most prestigious global corporations around the globe, meaning that our graduates walk away with an unsurpassed knowledge of European, North American, Asian, Middle Eastern and African core knowledge that translates into a competency to develop a niche market in their community for global etiquette consulting.
The programme also includes in-depth training on cross-cultural communication, which is the key to good manners in today’s society. No business etiquette training should be considered complete without addressing executive image, which, like all of our programmes, is covered from a multi-cultural perspective ensuring that you are as well-dressed and professional in Tokyo, Hong Kong or Dubai as you are in New York, London or Paris.
You will receive everything you need to get started immediately.

Training and Resources

You will be fully trained to present the Minding Manners International Executive Finishing School programme, which includes the flagship courses ‘The Polished Professional’, ‘Styled for Success’ and ‘International Business Success’.
Training and license

Training and license to deliver more than 15-modules of our full international business etiquette curriculum.


Cross-cultural specialist materials to present international business etiquette programmes for more than 180 countries.


Coaching on business development, consulting strategies, marketing, sales, negotiating, presentation and your professional brand image.

Interactive Tutorials

Three interactive dining tutorials (formal Western business lunch, Chinese business lunch, Middle Eastern business lunch).


Step-by-step comprehensive 600-page trainer’s manual, reference guides and reproducible delegate workbooks.


Reproducible delegate workbooks.

Online Access

Online access to continuously updated PowerPoint materials, video presentations, exercises, case studies, articles and more.


The programme extends over five days, including in-depth expert training instruction, reproducible materials for you to personalise and reprint, PowerPoint presentations, a step-by-step guide to presenting the programmes and much more everything you need to get started immediately.

A Solid Foundation

Not only does our International Business Etiquette programme include the most comprehensive international etiquette training available, it also includes a solid foundation in setting up and running your business from A to Z, including sound tips and tactics for marketing strategy, public relations, presentation and business advancement that will set the stage your future success.

Schedule for 2023

International Business Etiquette

  • 6th Feb – 3rd Mar (ONLINE)
  • 29th May – 2nd Jun
  • 26th Jun – 21st Jul
  • 20th – 24th Nov

International Protocol & Diplomacy

  • 22nd – 26th May
  • 6th – 10th Nov

International Social Etiquette

  • 19th – 25th Mar
  • 23rd – 29th Jul
  • 12th – 18th Nov

International Youth Etiquette

  • 9th Jan – 3rd Feb (ONLINE)
  • 27th – 31st Mar
  • 2nd – 27th Oct (ONLINE)

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