International Protocol and Diplomacy Certification

The World’s Only Certification Programme that Includes Resources for 180+ Countries

Protocol and Diplomacy training in London anything else could only be second-best. The United Kingdom is the world-leader in blending traditional and contemporary protocol practices to develop some of the most awe-inspiring pageantry along with the utmost in detailed ceremonies.
The International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London, in partnership with Minding Manners International, is the longest established full-service provider of Certified International Etiquette and Protocol Consultant training in Europe, with a network spanning more than 80 countries. As a trainee, upon completion of your five-day training with us, you will have the knowledge and full supply of ready-made presentation materials to immediately take your success to the next level.
The International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London is trusted by European Aristocracy, international Royal Families, Embassies, Diplomats as well as Fortune 500, CAC 40 and FTSE 100 corporations from around the world. Yet, our philosophy is that everyone is a VIP and, as such, deserves a solid foundation in the principles of giving and receiving respect which will become their passport to success across the world.
Our unsurpassed notions of savoir-faire in the international arena as well as our interactive training style will transfer our knowledge to you, enabling you to begin your career as an international protocol and diplomacy consultant with unprecedented knowledge, interaction, training and on-going support.
After your training with the International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London, you will be fully prepared to make an immediate start training and advising others as an independent consultant, or working within international organisations such as Embassies, Ministries of Foreign Affairs, NGOs, other governmental institutions or multinational corporations.
Being a part of the International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London is like being a part of a family. As such, our Etiquette Certification programmes are strictly limited in numbers to allow extra personal attention.

Official and social etiquette based on British, American and French protocols.

Diplomatic courtesy and orders of precedence.

International diplomatic relations.

Planning official protocol, VIP and business events.

Techniques for organizing international meetings and VIP visits.

Techniques for organizing official meals and social events.

Cross-cultural communications; verbal and non-verbal.

Diplomatic conversation skills.

Traditional and contemporary best practices.

Manoeuvring official dining protocols of international scale.

Flag etiquette, anthems and other important ‘details’.

The effects of protocol within a monarchy versus a republic.

First Lady protocols.

Building cultural diplomacy through etiquette and the media.

International dress codes and professional image.

Four hands-on international dining tutorials.


You will benefit from our unsurpassed level of international savoir-faire to help you develop an understanding, as well as practical tactics, for delivering the message of how to best combine the traditional rules of protocol alongside new codes of globalised formal behaviour.
With a full tool-kit of presentation materials, including our ready-to-use PowerPoint presentations, re-printable (and customisable) illustrated workbooks, training videos for inclusion in your presentations, trainer scripts, historical notes, resource books, case studies and royalty-free images you will have access to a complete source of Train The Trainer protocol training materials. As such, you will position yourself as knowledgeable, credible, cultured and authoritative in the shortest amount of time.

Schedule for 2024

International Business Etiquette

  • 5th Feb – 1st Mar (ONLINE)
  • 13th May – 17th May (FRANCE)
  • 11th – 15th Nov (ENGLAND)

International Protocol & Diplomacy

  • 11th – 15th Mar (ENGLAND)
  • 18th – 22nd Nov (ENGLAND)

International Social Etiquette

  • 3rd – 9th Mar (ENGLAND)
  • 14th – 20th July (ENGLAND)
  • 27th Oct – 2nd Nov (ENGLAND)

International Youth Etiquette

  • 8th Jan – 2nd Feb (ONLINE)
  • 6th – 10th May (FRANCE)
  • 21st – 25th Oct (ENGLAND)

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