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What We Do

The International Etiquette & Protocol Academy of London is at the forefront of modern change in the social, business and diplomatic realms of advancing society worldwide.

In constant communication with leaders around the world, from royalty and diplomats to international business globetrotters, we keep our finger on the pulse of this rapidly evolving field and continuously share our ongoing findings with our network of trained and certified consultants.

How We Do It

The International Etiquette & Protocol Academy of London blends the best of traditions and contemporary/modern-day innovation into dynamic training materials to inspire audiences around the globe.

Understanding the differences between social etiquette and business etiquette on an international scale means the difference between first-class domestic knowledge versus first-class international knowledge. No other company has stronger background knowledge in both areas than the International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London. In today’s global community, where New York and Tokyo have assumed suburban identities, cross-cultural certification is a must!

Offering the world’s only truly international train-the-trainer certification programmes and in our unique London location, we are proud to attest that no other etiquette curriculum in the world delivers a more global or exciting programme!

Corporate & Bespoke Training

Our international etiquette and protocol programmes are available around the world at your office, hotel, home, yacht, country club or private facility. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

A full array of expertise is delivered covering British, Continental European, American, Middle Eastern and Asian business etiquette norms plus cross-cultural practices in more than 180 countries.

International Finishing School

Our International Finishing School emphasises the principles of English, French and Swiss Finishing Schools, comparing and contrasting international notions of savoir-vivre across Europe, as well as modern-day applications for decorum across cultures, including North America, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The International Finishing School modules are offered by Minding Manners International.

Protocol Officer Training

The art of strategic relationship management is a must-have skill for today’s global exchanges.

In today’s multicultural global arena, protocol skills are in high demand, with needs reaching far beyond the walls of Embassies and MOFA’s. From the prestigious corporations to NGOs and small businesses, effective protocol is the basis of cross-cultural understanding and stronger business relationships.

Our bespoke sessions are generally offered to private and governmental institutions but may be coordinated for any entity, as well as one-to-one tuition. As bespoke sessions are fully tailored to meet your precise requirements, we accommodate a wide range of topics, expert lecturers and visits. For instance, former participants in our bespoke Protocol sessions have participated in tutorials across Europe at the British Parliament, European Parliament, the House of Lords, the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Chateau de Versailles, Royal Naval Museum, Ecole Militaire, Kensington Palace and many more.

Train The Trainer Certifications

International Business Etiquette

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International business etiquette and cross-cultural awareness are no longer luxuries, they are a necessity. Start with our international business etiquette certification programme and receive expert training and instruction from the finest trainers. Start Here

International Social Etiquette

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Founded on the long-standing traditional principles of the elite Swiss finishing schools, our international social etiquette course will give you real knowledge and insight when it comes to all forms of social etiquette. Learn more about our social etiquette certification programme and receive expert training and instruction from the finest trainers in their field. Start Here

International Protocol & Diplomacy

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Our international protocol and diplomacy courses will allow you as an individual to acquire real life management skills for today’s multicultural global arena. Learn more about our international protocol and diplomacy courses and receive expert training and instruction from the finest trainers. Start Here

International Youth Etiquette

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Youth Etiquette training is one of the most rewarding careers. By joining our Certification Training, you will be positioned at the forefront in your field. Learn more about our international youth etiquette certification programme and receive expert training and instruction from the finest trainers. Start Here